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NSB Home Appliances focuses on marketing designer’s fan products since its establishment in year 2011. While giving breeze to homes across Malaysia, NSB Home Appliances also blows in the designer’s flair into a space. The brand is also the sole distributor of three internationally well-known brands in Malaysia, namely Vento from Taiwan, Faro from Spain and Aeratron from Australia.


Vento is a designer’s choice and environmental friendly fan from Taiwan. With an established name in Europe, the United States, Middle East and Asia for its performance, prestige and innovation, the arrival of Vento fans is a first in the Malaysian market.


Founded in Spain since 1986, Faro Barcelona is indeed one-of-a-kind with its distinguished see-through design. Boasting its understated beauty, NSB Home Application carried in this product in the name of beauty and to establish the brand’s stand in offering individuality. Each of the Faro fans is designed to respect noise levels and the environment.


Aeratron is an Australian brand that focuses on energy-saving and sleek contemporary design. NSB Home Appliances understands the need for designers to inject ‘greener’ values to their designs and this product is one of the leading paradigms in the market. While providing soundless breeze and impeccably energy-savvy, Aeratron is the perfect product for the Malaysian weather and context.


On the other hand, NSB Home Appliances never stops innovating and venturing into new channels as the brand work through its house brand – NSB FAN with some of the best manufacturers to ensure durability and stability.


As NSB FAN continues to expand, the brand earmarked another milestone in 2014 with their revolutionary collaboration with one of the world’s most admired and respected designer – Karim Rashid. This is the first time a Malaysian fan brand is collaborating with Karim Rashid. Malaysians will be witnessing the magnificent designs, which will be available to the market in the middle of 2015.



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